Fireline Games looking to expand the team

Hello there! For a past few weeks we have been prototyping a new game. Now, we are almost ready to start production phase, but to turn our vision into reality, we need to expand our team.

Game's concept

General requirements:
You need the following general requirements for all the positions to join our team.

  • Passion for games and creating them
  • An insatiable thirst for knowledge
  • Having time to work on the project – at least 10 hours per week and time to chat via Skype
  • Long-term interest and availability (6+ months)
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Ability to communicate in English

We are recruiting for the following positions:

We are creating a narrated psychological thriller so the screenplay is one of the most important parts of our game. We are looking for someone creative with a passion for writing who will provide the players with an amazing story.

  • Expert at writing in the English language
  • Ability to work with level designer to ensure the game’s world matches your vision
  • Strong passion for writing

Level Designer:
We are looking for someone who can design maps with logical flow on paper and then convert them into immersive, interactive environments.

  • Experience in world building and lighting in UE4 is required
  • Talent for building beautiful and aesthetic levels is required
  • An eye for an interactive design
  • Knowledge of post process system in UE4 is highly valued

We are looking for someone who will animate our main character, enemies etc.

  • Ability to create and maintain rigs
  • Experience in animating characters for 3rd person games
  • Ability to create and manage Animation Montages and Blendspaces
  • Experience working with Animation Blueprints is not required but highly valued

FX Artist:
We are looking for someone who not only wants to create stunning effects but also likes to try new things and unique approaches.

  • Knowledge of UE4 Particle Editor and how UE handles particles
  • Ability to create particles from scratch
  • Ability to work with programmers on creating interactive effects


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For more information and applications email us at

Remember to include name, age, location, desired position and portfolio in applications.

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