All of our games are free and you can download them from here

Spheres is a game we made for Ludum Dare 32. You play as a guy named Edward, who wakes up on a strange island after a night of heavy drinking. Abandoned by his friends, he must find a way off the island.

Zombie Trouble is a small wave defense game made in 72 hours. Your job is to protect a castle from a horde of enraged zombies. Yours loyal knights will help you with that, but keep in mind that zombies are getting stronger and more resistant each day.

Games - S&N: The Greed BannerA simple cartoon fighting game made in 24 hours. We wanted to test ourselves – if we can create a playable game in such short time. Our idea was to make a simple game with intense action and cel-shaded art. The game turned out to be really nice and we have spent a lot of time playing it ourselves during the development. It has local multiplayer.

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