Our very own site and Ludum Dare


It was about time we created our very own site! We’ve decided that we need a place where all of our creations are available. Most of our previous games were shown only to our friends and we want to change that. We’ve been preparing this site for quite some time and we are very happy with the results. We’ll be posting here about all of our games and their development. We hope that through this site we’ll be able to gather feedback about our games and make even better ones in the future.

While you’re here, check out our Games section for some of the games we’ve made.

Ludum Dare

We like challenges so we decided to take part in a game jam for the first time. We’ll be taking part in 30th Ludum Dare. We’ll have to make a game in 72 hours. We’re very excited for that and we hope we’ll be able to create a fun game. We hope that this edition’s theme will be “Fortress”, but we’ll see. Not many hours left. We’ll be posting here about the game we’ll be creating and we’ll try to keep you updated. Wish us luck!

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