Spheres – Post Mortem

This edition was a lot of fun! For the first time we participated with a concept artist in the team and it was really helpful. We are really happy with the amount of work done even though the game isn’t as polished as we wanted it to be. We decided that our unconventional weapon should be light. Now, it’s time to think about what went right, and what went wrong.


Our game is about a guy named Edward, who narrates the whole adventure. He wakes up on a strange island after a night of heavy drinking only to find himself abandoned by his friends. He must find the way off the island, but it won’t be an easy task, because there are strange glowing spheres hunting him. What are they? Where did they come from? Will Edward escape the island? Play the game to find out!

What went right?

Spheres - Concept

Concept of the game’s map

  • Idea – The concept of a game where the narrator guides you through the story and you fight enemies using light turned out even better than we expected.
  • Voice Acting – Thanks to Elijah Lucian we have an amazing voice acting in our game. It sets the mood perfectly and ensures that the player will have a wonderful experience.
  • Art – The game is looking very nice, considering it was made in less than 72 hours!

What went wrong?

Spheres - Gallery - Picture 3

Screenshot from gameplay

  • Fighting – Enemies are very hard to kill at the beginning, but when the player learns how to fight they are too easy to kill and can be dealt with by only one flare.
  • Size of the game – The game takes up a lot of disk space. But the problem is, we don’t know why. Packaged game takes up twice as much space as the project and that’s a really weird behaviour.


To sum it all up, the game needs more time spent on the design side and a little more work on the performance. We think it’s a very interesting concept and if we would go forward with it the game could turn out pretty great. We’re considering the post-compo version, but we’ll make the decision after the voting ends. Now we just want to gather feedback.

Gameplay video

You can play the game here

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What people think about our game?

Brilliant game, I really enjoyed it! The voice acting is very well done. I can’t really fault this game other than it could use some post-LD polish. Excellent job! :D

- Reccy

If I only could, I’d give you extra points for audio and sense of humor :D Graphics are also very, very nice :) I like it very much :)

- daltostronic

Very impressive work for a 3D game made in only a couple of days! The story was really intriguing and I liked the voice over part. The game makes my computer bug though. But definitely interesting!

- Traumendes_Madchen

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